Yesterday (June 2) on “The SIRIUS Blitz” on SIRIUS NFL Radio, the hosts spoke with former Raiders and Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden, who will be newest member of the Monday Night Football broadcast team this fall.

Gruden was asked about the addition of QB Jeff Garcia, who Gruden coached in Tampa Bay, to the Raiders roster.

Host: “Jeff Garcia [has] landed in Oakland with JaMarcus Russell. What type of impact will he have, not only in the meeting room, but certainly maybe on the practice field? He’s not the type of guy, as you know from being around him, that he’s certainly not complacent and he’s never going to be comfortable being a backup guy.”

Jon Gruden: “No, that’s for sure, because he’s a premier competitor and I think that’s the No. 1 criteria that you have to have to survive in the NFL at that position. You have to be a premier competitor. Garcia is that. And if you look at Jeff’s career in the history of this game, he protects the ball as good or better than anybody that’s ever played. He’s one of the top four or five all-time in not turning the football over. And I think that’s one thing that Jeff Garcia always brings to you, is a guy that will protect the football. It might frustrate you at times. You might want to take a little bit more risk, but Jeff Garcia will take care of the football. He’ll be a premier competitor and I think that will help JaMarcus Russell as much as anything. And Oakland does have a fine supporting cast. They proved that against us [the Tampa Bay Buccaneers]. They’ve got some dynamic backs. They got a big, fast wide-out in the draft, and they’re pretty darn good on defense. They have the best corner, in my opinion, in football and this could be a year that they could turn it around.”

Host: “The first three games of the season for the Oakland Raiders - all three foes in the division - right now, who gives the Raiders the best chance to win those games, Garcia or Russell?”

Gruden: “I think they gotta go with JaMarcus Russell. He’s the No. 1 pick in the draft. They’ve added Paul Hackett who I think is an outstanding coach. He’s a tremendous quarterbacks coach. No one talks about the addition of Paul Hackett. I think he’s going to really reach out and help JaMarcus Russell. But they’ve got a lot invested in him. This is only his third season. This is the time where JaMarcus Russell has to explode onto the scene. Hopefully [Darren] McFadden, Darrius Heyward-Bey, some of his young support system, can help him, because he does have great ability throwing the football.”


Later in the interview, Gruden shared one of his favorite stories about Rich Gannon, who was also on “The SIRIUS Blitz” that day, in which the fiery former Raiders QB had some choice words for his coach while under center during a Monday Night game years ago.

Gruden: “Rich Gannon, in the middle of an audible, against the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football, we were in a situation where we wanted to run one play or another, we either ran the play that was called or we canned it to another play. And right out of nowhere Gannon saw something better and he started a live audible. So I started yelling at him from the sideline and in the middle of his audible [he says], ‘Black 350…Shut up, leave me alone!…Black 350.’ He told me to shut up in the middle of an audible. I will never forget that as long as I live.”


  1. R8er4evr says:

    I got to say that Gruden is still a stand up guy, and great coach. I still believe he could have been our next Madden. Al’s first mistake with his old age and seeming out of his mind came when he traded Gruden, who trades the coach. Chuckie has the attitude, determination, and hunger to win that the Raiders needed in their fall out.

    Cable is a great coach and I believe in his cleaning up the locker room and building a new team, but Gruden could have done great things including that super bowl win.

  2. RAIDER209 says:

    True that, you;d really expect Jon Gruden to bash the Raiders every chance he has but unlike every other critic in the NFL he chose to look at the potential that the Raiders do have and build around those guys, we have to utilize these players (that he mentioned) to turn this era of turmoil into something positive for us fans to watch. Thanks for the support Coach Gruden.

  3. pcblack says:

    Shut up leave me alone thing about gannon was hilarious!!!!Gannon was the main reason for our uprising and getting close to 3 superbowls more than gruden.The 2002 MVP season was the best season ive ever seen a Raider Qb have stats wise ever.I think he still holds the Nfl record for most 300 yd passing games in a season. That being said R8er4ever i think gruden wanted out didnt he? So Al accomidated him and got something for him in picks..Who does that,a genius! Instead of releasing or firing him,al gets picks and like 8 million i think…thats putting your thinking cap on..Also even thou gruden gave our team a kick in the pants in the right direction in 1999,his military verbal beatdowns wore thin. I can remeber him yelling for some reason at Jerry Rice and Tim Brown just beacause he was coach…What could he tell those 2 hofers that they didnt know already?? They looked at him like he was crazy,entertaining but crazy. I think he was hated by most in TB,which led to his firing! He would be a good college coach but hes too abrasive for the nfl i think….I appreciate the luv for Russell thou…………pc

  4. pcblack says:

    Gruden replaced the fired Tony Dungy as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2002, via a high-stakes trade that included Tampa Bay’s 2002 and 2003 first-round draft picks, 2002 and 2004 second-round draft picks, and $8 million in cash. The trade took place for a number of reasons, including Davis’ desire for a more vertical passing attack rather than Gruden’s horizontal pass attack, the fact that Gruden’s contract would expire a year after the trade, and Davis’ uncertainty over whether Gruden was worth as much money as his next contract was sure to pay him. Gruden signed a five-year contract with the Buccaneers worth $17.5 million.[2](from wikipedia)

  5. Raider B says:

    When someone with credibility talks about Jamarcus Russell (meaning someone that was in the NFL or coached in it) it seems almost always to be a positive statement. When the media talks about Jamarcus Russell its almost always negative. Just my opinion, go ahead and call me an idiot, but ill listen to football guys over media guys anyday of the week. Hopefully people will stop talking about trading for Vince Young now on this site.

  6. pcblack says:

    57-55 in tAMPA,and a win with dungys team is all he has to show for his big deal….Im doing Raiderbeats job with the overrated in my opinon….Give me a psotive cable anyday.pc

    Coaching ResultsGlossary · CSV · PRE
    Year Age Tm Lg G W L T W-L% G plyf W plyf L plyf W-L% Rank Notes
    1998 35 Oakland Raiders NFL 16 8 8 0 .500 2
    1999 36 Oakland Raiders NFL 16 8 8 0 .500 3
    2000 37 Oakland Raiders NFL 16 12 4 0 .750 2 1 1 .500 1
    2001 38 Oakland Raiders NFL 16 10 6 0 .625 2 1 1 .500 1
    2002 39 Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL 16 12 4 0 .750 3 3 0 1.000 1 Super Bowl Champions
    2003 40 Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL 16 7 9 0 .438 3
    2004 41 Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL 16 5 11 0 .313 4
    2005 42 Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL 16 11 5 0 .688 1 0 1 .000 1
    2006 43 Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL 16 4 12 0 .250 4
    2007 44 Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL 16 9 7 0 .563 1 0 1 .000 1
    2008 45 Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL 16 9 7 0 .563 3
    11 yrs 176 95 81 0 .540 9 5 4 .556 2.2 Avg Finish
    7 yrs TAM 112 57 55 0 .509 5 3 2 .600 2.4
    4 yrs OAK 64 38 26 0 .594 4 2 2 .500 1.8

  7. pcblack says:

    I hate to sound like a gruden hater but get real,if he didnt burn out the 2001 team we would of never been in the snowbowl in NE,we would of had a home game..he was a good coach,not great…pc

  8. edgarmano says:

    pcblack once again hit it right on the head!
    something some of the morons on here (and you know who you are) have NEVER been able to do.

    Gruden was and is a good coach. If he hsd stayed with us he could have probably been great. We will never know.

    Tony dungy built TWO winning super bowl teams.
    He got screwed out of one of them.

    Maybe they should put an * next to Grudens name for his super bowl win.

    Oh no ! I didn’t get banned? That would ruin my day to be banned from a site so accurate and insightful.
    maybe next time , idiots.

  9. JSpicoli says:

    I liked Gruden as much as the next guy, but he didn’t want to be here. He was shooting for Notre Dame, or some other job. The rumor was that he had a long term contract on the table from Al before the tuck game and Al yanked it after Gruden slow played the offense and mismanaged that game. Don’t forget that Gruden was a conservative play caller. Too much at times. Cable looks like he could work out even better. We just need to start winning some games.

    But I do appreciate that he doesn’t join the idiocy of the media hyped bashing. Cheers Chucky.

  10. boycerulez says:

    So Gruden took over what Dungy built and went to the SB. I don’t hear anyone talkin about how Callahan took over what Gruden built and the talent got us to the SB, then he destroyed it as soon as possible. That Gruden built Raiders team was so much better than the TB team Dungy built. The ONLY reasons(there are 2) we lost that SB was that Gruden was on the OTHER sideline and knew everything Gannon would do in most every situation, and Callahan was too dumb to change anything. Believe me, I was a Chucky hater for a long time after that SB, but I can’t deny what he did for us in Oakland while he was here. Also, I have not heard him say 1 negative thing about the Raiders while on TV, including the Draft, unlike the rest of the Donkey or Pat loving DBags on ESPN. BTW that Gannon audible is priceless. Had me rolln on the floor!

    Raider B, I liked your comments today, but didn’t u say the other day that you will not be back to this website? Interesting. Although I didn’t read all the comments that day, so I dont know what else transpired that day.


  11. Oak14nd says:

    Tony dongy had good defense no offense and the colts had manning enuff said he just fixed there defense when there offense was already on hit tony was a good defensive coach we should have one 3 super bowls one gay ass tony boseli injured rich gannon another one gay ass Brady fumbled and the snowjobbed us and then like smart ones we trade our coach and end up plying against him in the super bowl .I was always so mad at the retarded raider fans that where coming out on TV and telling ppl yea I hope we play against john gruden in the super bowl.i was like I hope not retards

  12. mike88p says:

    PCBlack and crew - you got it right, Gruden was (is) a real character, but i think his success in TB was based on the hard work of Dungy - who is the best coach in football in my opinion; i do think chuckie is a pretty stand up guy, he has generally been deferential to Al and the raiders, the man and team that gave him his big opportunity in the nfl.

  13. wave invite says:

    wave invite…

    Awesome article. I was going through a similar situation a little while back and can totally relate to what your talking about! I’m going to link back to your blog so my readers can read your topics….

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