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A non-sensical rule prohibits drafted players whose college classes haven’t concluded their spring semesters from participating in more than one offseason gathering.
Raiders coach Tom Cable preferred that his affected players take part in the mandatory mini camp in early May.
Wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey missed the first week of the Organized Team Activities because of the rule. He returned two weeks ago.
Now Cable is looking forward to the return of rookie safety Mike Mitchell. It’s a safe bet that Mitchell is champing at the bit while waiting for another chance to show what he can do.

Mitchell’s class finished its spring semester last week, which means Mitchell is back in the mix and expected at practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week.


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Raiders backup quarterback Andrew Walter has spent only as much time as required at the team’s facility this offseason. That amounts to three days for the mini camp.
He has steered clear of the Quarterback School set up by quarterbacks coach Paul Hackett and Cable. He has ignored the OTA sessions the past month. He has made it clear that he is looking beyond his Raiders career.
We might now know where Walter is looking. He has enrolled in the NFL Broadcast Boot Camp at NFL Films in Mt. Laurel, N.J., later this summer.
Walter and Raiders backup tight end Tony Stewart are two of the 24 players signed up for the program hosted by CBS’ James Brown. Former Raiders Danny Clark and La’Roi Glover also ae scheduled to take part in the program.
The program runs June 22-25 and includes hands-on work in areas such as videotape breakdown, editing, show preparation, radio production, control-room operation, studio preparation, production meetings, field reporting and game preparation.
Each player is allowed to tape segments as a studio and game analyst and take part in a networking session with television executives. Each player also will serve as a live radio host on SIRIUS NFL Radio.
Twenty one of the 40 players who took part in the NFLL Broadcast Boot Camp in 2007 and 2008 already have earned broadcasting jobs as a result of their participation in the program.
“We continue to look for ways to help players develop skills to enhance their NFL and post-NFL careers. Many of last year’s participants used this program as a career springboard and two have returned to help this year’s class,” said NFL vice president of labor policy and player development Adolpho Birch.
“The support of the NFL’s broadcast partners will provide our players with a foundation for understanding the sports broadcasting business,” said Chris Henry, the NFL director of player development.
“The NFLPA will continue to develop strategic alliances that will lead to the creation of programs like the Broadcast Boot Camp. These programs provide players the opportunity to gain valuable experience and help to prepare them for life after football,” said Stacy Robinson, the director of player development for the NFL Players Association.

It’s nice to know that Walter might have something to fall back on once he is released by the Raiders in the coming days or weeks.
Former Raiders coach Jon Gruden has plenty of time on his hands, thanks to the Raiders helping end the season of Gruden’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and hasten his firing.
Gruden is taking advantage of all his free time, while he prepares for his new gig as the third man in the booth on Monday Night Football.
He is one of five current or former NFL coaches scheduled to participate in the inaugural NFL-USO Coaches Tour in the Persian Gulf later this month.
Gruden said he is fired up – isn’t he always – about the morale-building visit.
“I’m excited to meet our troops and learn about what they’re doing over there. They are some of the greatest teammates, some of the most mentally tough people that make it happen in the world. The loyalty, the passion, the commitment they have, it permeates everywhere. I’ve got some friends in the service from here in Tampa, and I’m excited to see at close-range what it’s really all about.
“You’re talking about people who are all the way over there where the temperatures exceed 130 degrees. These people miss their loved ones. They’ve been over there a long time. I’m sure they have the same fears that the rest of us have. To go over there play football and give my thanks for all that they are doing, I’m really looking forward to the opportunity and the experience.
“I don’t know exactly what to expect when we’re there but I’m just there to show support for every person I meet, and try to raise spirits. We’re going to be there on the Fourth of July, which is just going to be awesome. It’s a big day for our country and it stands for a lot, especially for those in the military. I’m going to be part of the team and whatever is asked of me, I’m going to jump in and have fun doing it.
“If I have to give a speech, I’ll be ready to go. I’ve been fortunate enough to be in some locker rooms with championship football players, but to be around championship soldiers, I’m going to have to tune it up a bit. Maybe I’ll come up with some flag football games there. We’ve got a great group going over there. I just hope I don’t have to play Tom Coughlin because he beat me pretty bad the last couple of times.”


  1. peglegged raider says:

    I hope for walters sake that this career projection is wrong. he could be a damn good QB in this league who’s career was sidelined by playing for the li9kes of Norv Turner and Art Shell in what would be less then honorable moments in some pretty decent coaching careers. I think walter will be successful if he’s given a chance with a good team that needs his style of play. But that said, I am certain that he is not the first QB, and definitely not the last, to have his future in the NFL faded out because of bad luck, bad draft position, poor coaching and just flat out being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As much as I love the Raiders I still have to say that we screwed this guy out of his first 5 years in the league, and he will never gethem back. Now I hope that we don’t do the same to our top notch players like DMAC, Bush and Russell.

  2. rtsuperfly says:

    Andrew Walter, may have, or still may make it as a good QB at the NFL level. From what I remember the games I seen Walter play in. he was an accurate passer, but it looked to me like he showed his fustration to much. He needed to be more versitle and move around in the pocket more. I know most of that was the line broke down on a regular basis. But when you get your shot you have to adjust and give the best showing you got. No ofense to Walter but thats what I seen while I was setting on the couch drinking bear, and doing my best not to hurt my tv.

  3. athercress says:

    Don’t talk about the Raiders screwing Walter out of his first 5 years of his career. I watched every minute of his playing. The league is all about doing something special with the opportunities you get. Walter played… a lot. More than most QBs dreaming of being a franchise starter. He is a good Qb, no argument there but did he really show that he is a star when he started for the Raiders? NO…
    You have to be a star. You have to be special. Not talking about wins and losses but about being that star. Andrew didn’t shine and he had plenty of chances.

  4. Raider guy says:

    If Andrew Walter had a chance of being a good qb in this league, he would have shown it by now. I know all about the Art Shell, Eatman, Slater mess at o-line, but that was YEARS AGO and he still has not been able to make a good enough impression to prevent the Raiders getting Culpepper, or any of the 19 QBs they have brought in this year.

  5. raidernation_europe says:

    yeah…we’ll get ellis….that’s good news….:-)

  6. Chris in NY says:

    Walter is still young enough and I really hope he gets a shot somewhere else. But let’s not get carried away. He hasn’t shown anything in the NFL that can lead you to objectively say he’s a promising QB. The guy has a career 3/16 TD-INT ratio and 16 fumbles in 15 career games. True, the Shell year was just an absolute abomination for the entire team, but what about the Carolina game in 2008 when he started and the defense held Carolina to under 100 yards passing and caused like 4 turnovers, a couple on Carolina’s side of the field. All Walter could manage was 6 measly points while throwing two INTs and getting sacked 3 times himself. The offense looked no different from the Shell year in that game.

  7. idahoaklandraider says:

    Raiders agreed to terms with DE Greg Ellis on a three-year deal, according to AOL’s Calvin Watkins.

    Ellis, turning 34 years old before the season, will move back to defensive end after playing OLB in Dallas recently. While this looks like another past-his-prime Raider signing, Oakland needs pass rush help and Ellis has 20.5 sacks the last two seasons. It’s a decent gamble. This could make it easier to deal Greg Ellis.
    Source: NFL Fanhouse
    three years seems to be alot for a 34 year old de, it’ll be interesting to find out he details

  8. irjonny24 says:


  9. RAIDER209 says:


  10. dhbfan says:

    Ilike Walter Iwas really exited about him.I like the way he comes in and shows his frustrations it shows he cares about winning . I like to see him get on the O line when they goof,something JR needs to do more of.Walter’s accurate knows how to move the chains and knows how to score in the red zoneand is a firey leader what more can u ask for. If JR wasnt our first pick and was forced to compete against Walter he’d be on the bench.Not fare for such a talented QB.Mark my words if he gets a shot on another team he’ll be a pro bowler and that team will be a playoff contender.I see him going to the 9ers,Broncos,Bucs or Vikings.All could use a good QB like Walter .

  11. dhbfan says:

    Ellis is a good sign,way to go Al.Now keep Burgess for one more season and rotate him with Ellis and we can have a vet on the field at all times.If we could get a deal going with NE to get Wilfork and send Burgess to NE that would be good.Then everybody wins. Either way I wish Burgess the best. Hope he’s happy if he stays in Oakland.GO RAIDAS!!!

  12. dhbfan says:

    athercress I dont agree.Walter wasn’t getting very many reps in practice.He was always forced to take the back seat every time we got a new QB the more reps he gets with the first team the better he’ll do.Do u not watch preseason games how many times has he scored a TD on first string Ds with the second and third string offense.Thats pretty damn good for a QB with out very much reps in practice.

  13. wave invite says:

    wave invite…

    Awesome article. I was going through a similar situation a little while back and can totally relate to what your talking about! I’m going to link back to your blog so my readers can read your topics….

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