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NAPA, Calif. — A Raiders official told RaiderBeat.com on Monday morning that the team is attempting to accommodate disgruntled defensive end Derrick Burgess by trading him.

Burgess is holding out over his dissatisfaction with his contract status. He is in the final year of a five-year contract he signed in 2005, and it calls for him to earn $2 million in base salary, along with a $1.5 million roster bonus.

Adam Schefter, soon to be with ESPN, posted an item on his Twitter on Sunday that said the Raiders are seeking a third- and fourth-round draft picks for Burgess. However, the Raiders official said the team realizes that they don’t have much leverage and are looking to dump Burgess for whatever they can get in return.

In the meantime, the Raiders have moved veteran Greg Ellis into Burgess’ left end spot, and coach Tom Cable said he isn’t going to comment on the situation.

The Raiders should be better off without Burgess, given his penchant for injury and lack of production the past two seasons. He played in only 24 games the past two seasons and had only 3 1/2 sacks in 2008.

Getting rid of Burgess also clears the way for the Raiders to get more playing time for promising young players such as Trevor Scott, Jay Richardson and Matt Shaughnessy.

There also is a report that recently released quarterback Andrew Walter might resurface in Minnesota, where the Vikings are coping with an injury to starter Tarvaris Jackson and Brett Favre’s decision to remain retired.

The Raiders dumped Walter last Thursday because he didn’t fit into the team’s long-term plans. He was the team’s third-round draft pick in 2005 and failed to develop into the player they envisioned.


  1. RaiderEd says:

    Lets trade Burgress for Wilfork and a thrid rounder

  2. irjonny24 says:

    we’ll never get wilfork for burgess at this point. would be nice though.

  3. RaiderEd says:

    ya i know…wishful thinking.

  4. irjonny24 says:

    when does practice start today? where are the tweets?

  5. KCSam says:

    Practice starts at 3:30. The Raiders will be lucky to get a 5th rounder for Burgess at this point. I am thinking more along the lines of a 6th… I am just glad they got Ellis now to fill his shoes at the rush end position. A tickling dummy could stop the run better than Burgess anyhow.

  6. KCSam says:

    Check that, a TACKLEING dummy, not a tickling one. Although, a tickling dummy probably defends the run better than Bugess as well!

  7. irjonny24 says:

    ya i’m just tired of raiders underacheiving, getting traded and lightin it up. i want pro bowl value for the punk. oh well.

  8. Chris in NY says:

    Pass rushers are valuable. I’d make the deal for a 3rd AND 4th rounders but I wouldn’t just throw Burgess away for nothing.

    If they can’t get a good enough deal I’d rather the Raiders talk him back in by agreeing to waive the fines for missing camp. You can’t go too far because you don’t want to reward this malcontent stuff, but Burgess is a good player who should have a good year.

  9. Chris in NY says:

    I definitely wouldn’t trade Burgess for a 5th or 6th rounder. I’d rather try to bring him around, but if there’s no doing that I’d stand my ground and make an example that the Raiders aren’t going to get pushed into making trades that aren’t in the best interest of the team.

  10. roman_back says:

    i call b/s on burgess.. he is a pro bowl caliber player if i’ver ever seen one.. i feel he is just like j-russ.. they dont wanna be a raider, they got good money, so they are gonna lay down and not play, then get traded to a “better” team then play well for them, kinda along the lines of what randy moss did. thats just the vibe i get from burgess and russell.

  11. jcw000 says:

    Wilfork might be had for Burgess and 2 first round pics

  12. socalfan13 says:

    Best wishes to Andrew Walter. He didn’t stand a chance behind the OLine we had a few years ago. Minnesota will be a much better situation for him.

  13. dhbfan says:

    Copme on guys Burgess has been useing this time to practice his sack celebration.No but seriously I say we should get a 2nd round pick or a DT and a fourth.I’m with irjonny i’m tired of the Raider getting the shit end of the stick when it comes to trading these cry babys.

  14. dhbfan says:

    Andrew Walter will probably end up in TB Or maybe with the donkeys,they could use him.I think with the right system he is going to be a good QB.

  15. boltssuknutz says:

    I agree with Chris in NY. we should keep him around and wait for the market to get better. We waited tooo long for a trade if that’s what we were going to do but…just wait for the injury bug to hit some teams and his value will go up.
    Andrew walter is messed up right now. I am sure his confidence is shattered right now after playing behind some of our garbage and outright OFFENSIVE (ok putrid is a better word) offensive lines. wish him the best.

  16. massillonraider says:

    We could still get Wilfork, just give the Patsies Burgess and a 3rd.

  17. dhbfan says:

    Also, I think if we get rid of Birgess we can draft 3 or 4 defensive ends next year to replace him. It’s a win-win for everyboidy.

  18. [...] Raiders are reportedly shopping holdout defensive end Derrick Burgess. That makes perfect sense. He wants out. He’s [...]

  19. chucka1122 says:

    Where are all those Raider fans that called me out about DHB? DHB missed 3 catchable balls, gets so frustrated he punts one away, bringing Al over for a pep talk. I have been a Raider fan for a long time, it is time to be critical of some of the personnel moves with 60 losses in 6 seasons. I do believe the Raiders did well with the picks in the middle rounds. Murphy in the 4th will be a steal. The young picks will start paying off this season, but DHB will be a bust!!! Get over it and move on!!! 23.5 million wasted!!!How can you say the addressed the 0-line and D-line?

    Go Raiders!!!DHB please catch the ball!!!

  20. FloRaider says:

    Patriots Sign Walter Patriots have signed former Raiders QB Andrew Walter; released QB Matt Gutierrez

  21. VikingRaider75 says:

    The Raiders sign QB Steve Grogan.

  22. tommy p says:


  23. chucka1122 says:

    I do not just shit on our team, I just speak up when I think this team makes a mistake. Maybe if someone came out and said something we would not have lost 60 games in 6 seasons. I want the Raiders to win, and the best way for them to win is to improve the 0-line and D-line. I hope we make the playoffs this year, but we need to get the youth on this team rolling. I love the other moves they have made with JMarc and Dmac. I think Bush and Murphy are both steals from the 4th round and Chaz looks like the real deal. Have any of you bought your DHB jerseys yet? Has anyone purchased a DHB jersey yet? How many have been sold?

    Maybe we could use DHB as the punter after Lechler retires…

    Go Raiders!!!!

  24. tommy p says:

    Thats some shit coming from a real asshole

  25. tommy p says:

    Hey RAIDER NATION regardless of what some lame people say on this site We have alot to look forword to this year.Less than two weeks till some RAIDER football! GO RAIDERS

  26. slvrnblk21 says:

    CHUCKA….how many years did it take for rice to get it? it took him a couple of yrs. its rare for a rookie to come in and be a star. and as we’re on the subject of the wide reciever position, all you IDIOTS that critisis big al for taking track stars to play football, they are inducting one this year into the HOF! bob hayes the bullet. he was an olympic track star who has gold and a superbowl ring to boot. why? because of his SPEED! he learned the position and became a dangerous player. when you can outrun your opponits, you become a thret. you can teach someone to catcha ball, but you can’t make them run faster. it cracks me up to listen to those IDIOTS on the nfl channel glorify bob hayes and in the same breath critisis al for drafting the same kinda player. do they even know what there talking about. chucka your the same kinda IDIOT!!!!!!!

  27. slvrnblk21 says:

    jeanette thompson!!!!!!!!i don’t care what the players miss while there at camp. i want to know about football. it is so frustrating to listen to all of your stupid questions. even the players seem anoyed by them. get real or get out! what an embarisment for our web site!

  28. slvrnblk21 says:

    tommy p……you are one of the few REAL RAIDER FANS

  29. tommy p says:

    slvrnblk21, nice to hear from a real Raider fan! Keep up the positive comments. I am tired of all of these bashers. Less than two weeks till some Raider football. GO RAIDERS!!!

  30. socialexp says:

    Settled down Frances, I mean Tommy P - that is some weak trash talk to some guy who makes some good points. You don’t have to mindlessly agree with every move Al makes to be a fan of the team. We have some solid building blocks in place, and it’s way to early to give up on DHB, but let the guy make a point without jumping all over him.

    Can’t wait to beat up some old Patsies this year in Denver and KC. Should be fun!11 Go Raiders!!!

  31. socialexp says:

    Looks like the Raiders just traded Burgess to the Pats according to the National Football Post!!

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