One week into camp, things are starting to come into focus in terms of the 53-man roster. There’s plenty of time for players to assert themselves, overcome slow starts and impress the coaching staff.
For now, here is a list of the top 10 players who have not he most in training camp in Napa, Calif.:

No.      Player                                   Position                      Comment
1.          Darrius Heyward-Bey          Wide receiver              Finally breaking out of a horrendous start; has work to do before doubters are silenced
2.         Terdell Sands                         Defensive tackle          Lost considerable weight, but he still doesn’t look the part of a dominant force in the middle
3.         Justin Miller                           Cornerback                  The Raiders have learned that he isn’t a viable option as a defender and that he is best used only on kick returns
4.         Jay Richardson                      Defensive end              His recovery from offseason knee surgery has allowed Trevor Scott to push for the starting spot
5.         Tommy Kelly                         Defensive tackle          He has more off-sides penalties than his linemates combined and he isn’t blowing up plays or reaching the quarterback too often
6.        Jeff Garcia                               Quarterback                He strained his left calf outside of practice and hasn’t been able to compete for the starting spot he refuses to concede to JaMarcus Russell
7.        Will Franklin                           Wide receiver              He has impressive size, speed and strength; now he just needs the hands to match
8.        Bruce Gradkowski                 Quarterback                His lack of accuracy and consistency has given Charlie Frye a decisive edge for the No. 3 spot
9.        Ryan Boschetti                       Defensive lineman      He was brought in to be a tempo-setter in practice, at the least; he hasn’t done much to stand out in any capacity
10.     Derrick Gray                           Defensive end             He has yet to show that he merits consideration for a roster spot


  1. jjsprt92 says:

    Goodbye Burguess glad your ass is gone and we have players that want to be here!!!!! Glad we took DHB instead of Crabass!!!

  2. JoshB says:

    Sad to hear the analysis especially regarding the D-Line.
    LT and LJ will light us up for 150+ again if we don’t get it figured out…oh yeah and we also get to see Slaton, Jacobs, Westbrook, Thomas Jones, Barber and a few others that will run them into the ground.

    Go Raiders.

  3. assassinrm says:

    1st of all, Craptree, HAHAHA! Good Luck Whiners?

    Burgess and Walter gone? Boo-F-n Hoo!, they were never in the mix this season.

    I like what I’ve been reading about J-Russ,Schillens, DHB, Routt and Huff lately. Let’s see how they do when they go live next Thursday against Dallas.

    With K. Barnes going down, I think are glaring holes are at O-line and D-line. Little depth at DT is gonna be tough to stop LT again and if we have C. Green starting again without Gallery in the line up, look out, it doesn’t matter who are QB, RB’s or WR are. We need both lines to step up this year.

    Anyone else going to fanfest tommorrow? Let’s see some of these guys in person.

    Go Raiders!

  4. 3headedmonster says:

    jeeze we need to sign some more DT’s really bad

  5. Holy Toledo Bill says:

    The cornerstone of every championship team starts in the middle. If Kelly & Sands can’t dominate, neither will the Raiders. Look to the unsung Reggie Kinlaw as an example.

  6. chucka1122 says:

    The lines are in trouble. I have been saying this all along. I just hope there are some decent players we can pick up on the waiver wire.

    GO RAIDERS!!!!

  7. STANKAZZ says:

    Man we sure need help on our lines with the injury to Barnes and Gallery’s appendectomy, and the shitty play of our run-stoppers…we got some draft picks from the patsies, I say we package some of those up with maybe a Fargas (Rankin can be our #3 RB) and try to trade for a DT and pick up Levi Jones or Jon Runyan (who the fuck is Seth Wand?)off waivers for competition on the O-line, I’m sure he can be had for cheap…and I think Nick Miller should replace Justin Miller if all he can do is return kicks, Nick can do that and be a weapon on offense…STAND UP RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!

  8. jermely says:

    STANKAZZ: I totally agree.. Pick-up Levi Jones on a two-year contract, and start him off as depth on the O-line and then get him into the role of RT instead of Green in a year..

    Pick-up Dewayne Robertson to enforce the Dline and add some depth if you cant find a trade, like Fargas for Alan Branch (from the Cards) or a pack of picks for Vince Wilfork even though he probably wont be let go that easy.. :)

  9. caliboy2210 says:

    i think we should trade fargasto the browns for rogers they need a rb and weneed that dt

  10. caliboy2210 says:

    or yea fagas and some draft picks for wilfork

  11. boltssuknutz says:

    we have fargas,gary russell,Rankin,gradowski,turdell, and the draft picks and still there are FA available to help us out on both lines. We CAN’T go into the season with these line issues with guys still out there that can help. We still have to make the roster cut down later also to 53 and we KNOW some of these guys won’t be on the team….hopefully another team with OT’s or DT’s that are good or $hit half-way decent would be an upgrade for us at some of the positions. Maybe we can trade them off. or hell…trade our 1st round pick! LOL seriously…we aren’t the best with our 1st picks anyways and…after the top 10’s we got in past drafts we wouldn’t be able to afford them if we don’t fix these issues and go in the tank and have a top ten next year!!With our tough and brutal schedule even if we squeak into the playoffs (like the chokers did last year) we could still have a high pick

  12. Chris in NY says:

    Wow. 5 of the 10 underperformers are d-linemen. That’s not good. Haven’t really heard much about Scott, Warren, Gunheim or anyone else either.

    The Raiders better be ready to blitz ALOT more if none of these d-linemen can get to the QB with any consistency.

  13. Deadlestraider559 says:

    I think we should be fine w our o-line gallery and barnes should be back when we need them and for just a reminder LT should start forgeting of how he would run the ball against us cuz for sure that ant happing this season!!!! let go Dhb,murfy,chaz,walker.miller,russell,higgins hell yes and mcfadden!!!

  14. JSpicoli says:

    The offense is the key to the defense and D-line. By holding onto the ball and actually scoring most of the time, we could lead games, eat clock, and force the opponent to throw against us and play into some of our best players. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

  15. 3headedmonster says:

    trade a 2nd round pick and fargas for shaun rogers

  16. Deadlestraider559 says:

    Dude fargas is fast and trust his going to do some awsome plays for us this yr.

  17. runraiderrun says:

    1-DHB-coming in as a rookie with a hamstring
    2-ALL defensive lineman-in camp might not have to get that PUSH,if we’re blitzing the linebackers and def. backs(not enough time).maybe the ball is being put in play too fast,which is only a positive for the offense.
    3-Jeff Garcia,is anyone really worried about him,he could take two years off like Vick and still become some teams starter.
    4- Justin Miller-was signed as a kick returner and an emergency DB,only.
    5- every team needs a practice squad and camp legs or arms.

  18. runraiderrun says:

    currently we have 2 1/2 more def. lineman than last year.I WONDER WHAT THE EAGLES OFFERED THE RAIDERS,FOR BURGESS.the eagles are loaded with young(1 or 2 years experience) def. lineman.they can’t keep them all,i hope we snatch them up when they get some bigger names will surprisingly get cut around the league,’s too early to pounce on an unsigned free agent right now(i.e.-robertson).

  19. STANKAZZ says:

    Hey Deadliestraider559…Fargas has been a loyal, hard-nosed Raider but the ball needs to be in the hands of DMAC and Bush in the backfield and Fargas still has some trade value right now, we have too many offensive weapons right now for Fargas to get the ball, with Chaz, Walker, Murphy, DHB, Zack Miller, DMAC and Bush…Fargas’ trade value isn’t gonna get any higher…we can’t keep DMAC and Bush on the sidelines, them two need to split the majority of the carries, I agree 3headed, Fargas and a 2nd or 3rd rounder (we have 2) for a decent DT like Rogers, we have over-priced garbage at DT in Terd and T.Kelly…..STAND UP RAIDER NATION!!!!!!

  20. STANKAZZ says:

    hey runraiderrun…Philly offered a 3rd round pick and a player, they didn’t say who the player was though.

  21. jjsprt92 says:

    How about Herm Edwards, this morning on Dike & Dike saying the nation is back and saying the Raiders will go 8-8. Showing the Raiders some love on espn!!! He probally got fired as soon as the show was over

  22. peglegged raider says:

    that sucks that DT is still our weakness! we had better be blitzing a lot gameday to make up for it.

    Crabtree wants money in excess of DHB’s contract according to the Chronicle. this guy is a greedy schmoe.

  23. Chris in NY says:

    jjsprt92 says:
    August 7, 2009 at 1:13 pm

    How about Herm Edwards, this morning on Dike & Dike saying the nation is back and saying the Raiders will go 8-8. Showing the Raiders some love on espn!!! He probally got fired as soon as the show was over


    Hah! I love it.
    Herm is actually a real cool guy. Makes some questionable in-game coaching decisions and is far too conservative on offense, but he’s a great motivator and a very cool guy.

  24. Oak14nd says:

    Yea and we whooped him in the super bowl when he played for philly. He better respect the raiders.and we should have traded fargas and burgess together so we could have got a dt.

  25. slvrnblk21 says:

    i agree, we need to work on the o line a the d line. i think ellis is going to be huge for us. he will be able to take burgess place no problem, and be able to rub off on the rookies that need an example of how its done. he has a lot to offer. besides that, i think he is going to want to make a statement to the cowgirls that they made a big mistake letting him go! i’m liking what i’m hearing about miller lite. i hope he stays. another kid with a great attitude. we can have all the talent in the world guys, but if there is no unity and team attitude, we’ll go nowhere. cable is going to pull it altogether. we’re headed in the right direction…………..go raiders

  26. chargers4life says:

    slvrnblk21 is gay just like dhbey. HA! Oak14nd(what a stupid dumbass name) is 14 out of 14 when it comes to brains. The rest of you are just losers except dhbfan who is really the faggot elway sez guy and RaiderEd who is really dhbfan (of course, of course). Ready for the season, set the tempo, go to hell ….

    LIGHTS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. raidermomo64 says:

    dude you really have no intelligence at all do you…..I’ve never read anyone as ignorant as you. say something real. Don’t show everyone how your parents raised you. You’re putting them to shame…..I feel for those inbred pair…..Its sad…..and as always, “I’m Just Saying”……that was for jspicoli….Raiders!! 10-6!! AFC WEST CHAMPIONS!!

  28. ebay sniper says:

    ebay sniper…

    Your an insightful author. Your topic helped with my research project and also opened my eyes up to another person’s perspective. I hope to read more articles from you in the near future….

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