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Raiders All-Pro cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha weighs in on an array of subjects, from Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson to the state of the Raiders.

(on WR Andre Johnson and the challenges he presents for corners around the league) “Well, you’re talking about one of if not the top receiver in the league. Any time you get a guy with his size and his strength and his speed, you’re going to have some matchup problems, and there’s a lot of ways that he can hurt you whether it’s running the ball, whether it’s deep, whether it’s short. He’s got all the intangibles. So he always presents a problem for any corner around the league.”


(on what his secret is to having a tremendous amount of success against WR Andre Johnson) “(Laughs) I guess no secret. Whether I’ve had success on him or not, he’s still been a challenge. He’s been one of my greatest challenges that I face each week.  Each year, it’s one of those things where you look at the schedule and you see who the top guys are that you’re going to face, and you see Houston on the schedule, you know you’re going to have a battle any time you’re going to have to play against that type of a receiver. So I don’t know; I just play my game and try my best and see how successful how I can be. But he’s a great player.”


(on if he plays on the same side no matter where WR Andre Johnson lines up) “No, that’s not true. I think every year that we play him, there’s a plan together where I’ll be on him the majority of the time. Not all the time, but there’ll be a lot of situations where he goes to the left or the right or wherever he goes where I’ll end up on him. But it won’t be every single snap.  Just as far as game plans in the past, it’s never been every snap, but we’ve always had some sort of plan together.”


(on if he and WR Andre Johnson have developed a personal relationship ) “Yeah. I’m sure we’ll talk more after the game as opposed to before the game, but yeah, definitely. I’ve known the type of talent he was since high school. I’ve met him since college and in the Pro Bowl and all that stuff. We have each other’s number. We talk in the offseason every now and then. He’s a really good guy.”


(on not talking a lot on the field) “No, I don’t talk a lot of trash on the field, and guys really don’t talk that much trash to me. When they do, I just laugh. I really don’t get into it. I’m trying to stay a little more focused than that.”


(on if he is the opposite of Titans CB Cortland Finnegan) “(Laughs) The complete opposite. Cortland, he’s going to be running his mouth and being aggressive, so no, complete opposite from that.”


(on if WR Andre Johnson has been able to improve every year) “Yeah, you just see consistency. You just see a guy that, he came into the league a star. We came in in the same draft class and he was a top-three pick, if I’m not mistaken, but he’s always held up that status. He’s never dropped below what he should’ve been. He came in a top pick and he’s always played that way. Those are some of the things that you respect about him. He’s just consistently been a top receiver.”


(on starting at strong safety at Houston in 2004 and how he became a corner) “I appreciate your research there. I did, yeah. We went back to Houston and I did start at strong safety at that game, but I still didn’t play that much that game. But the evolution was… it’s difficult. It’s difficult any time you’re switching from safety to corner, in particular a man-to-man corner. But I guess it was one of those things where repetition and practice and determination and all those types of things, it’ll allow you to overcome any obstacles that you have to go through. It was a tough transition, but within three years, I was able to make it happen.”


(on if he wanted to be a corner) “You know, coming in, I didn’t because I was very comfortable playing safety in college. But I came here and (Raiders owner) Mr. (Al) Davis saw that I could run and do certain things at the corner position, so he said he’d give it a try. I was definitely reluctant to do it just because I knew the type of player – I mean, if I was on a cover two team, then I probably wouldn’t have had any problem. I’d have said, ‘Sure, let’s try it out,’ get to bang the receiver and then just play zone. But coming in and playing man, it was something that played on my mind a little bit. So no, I didn’t want it, but looks like it worked out.”


(on if yards after the catch are as much of a concern with WR Andre Johnson as the catch itself) “Yeah, absolutely. You watch teams that play him around the league, and lots of times when he catches the ball in space, he’s able to turn it up for a considerable gain. So those are some of the things that you always have to key on when you’ve got a guy like him or the other physical guys in the league, (Anquan) Boldin, Steve Smith or Brandon Marshall – those are the guys that any time they catch the ball, no matter where you are, you’ve got to swarm him to bring him down because he can always turn it into a big play.”


(on what’s it going to take for the Raiders to turn the corner) “It’s going to take a lot of determination, I guess, by the group. We’re going to have to be a lot more focused and we’re going to have to believe in ourselves a little bit more. And we’re really close. I know a lot of people can’t see that from the outside looking in. They’re probably thinking, ‘Oh, this team isn’t going to do anything. They’ll be terrible.’ But from my point of view and from the guys here, we think that we’re really close. We know that we’re really close to turning it around, it’s just a matter of a couple of good things happening to us to get that momentum going. I don’t think we’re that far off right now.”


(on if the Texans are another team close to breaking through and becoming playoff team) “Yeah, we definitely see them as… we don’t look at it as motivation like, ‘Oh, look what they did.’ But we can see that in the Texans, they have that type of power, that type of ability to turn the corner. They almost made the playoffs last year. And no one talks down about the Texans. It’s never like they’re a terrible team. It’s always like they’re that mid-range, they might get into the playoffs, might not, but they’re one of the teams that you can never sleep on. So there’s a lot of respect that we have here for that ballclub and the coaches.”


(on if he ever could’ve dreamed that the Raiders would have struggled so much when he was drafted) “No, not even close. First of all, when I was drafted, I looked at the team that drafted me, I said, ‘Wow, this is a team full of Hall of Famers and all-stars. They just came from the Super Bowl, it looks like we’re going right back.’ It couldn’t have been any better of a situation for me, but it just didn’t work out that way.  So no, you never imagine that you’re going to be winning four games a year pretty much every year. You’re expecting to lose four games a year. So definitely a shock, and definitely something I’ve wanted to be a part of the turnaround with.”


(on the Texans’ star quality showing how hard it is to put it together) “Oh, yeah. It doesn’t matter. Every team is talented. Every team’s got some level of star quality, and the coaches are all here. They’ve all done it before. But that’s why we play the game. That’s why we go out on Sundays. I think if we could figure out who was going to win, then it wouldn’t be any fun. And teams scheme other teams and try to figure out what the other guys are trying to do to them, and it’s like a chess match: Whoever outsmarts the other guy on that given Sunday is going to win. It’s the reason we play the game. The joy of the game is that you just never know what’s going to happen from week to week.”


  1. dhbfan says:

    Hell of a football player.Makes me feel confident in our football team.A true leader…Hope he never leaves.

  2. dhbfan says:

    Here comes win #2 Raider Nation…We should be able to run the ball on these guys.

  3. destroySD says:

    class ball player. im not against players that talk trash and do crazy thing, i do like a handful of ochocincos in the league, but i also appreciate guys like nnamdi who stay to themselves and lay it down on sundays.
    may nnamdi retire in the silver and black 21!


  5. JoshB says:

    I wish we had 52 more Nnamdis.
    At least one guy in this organization gives us some credibility and class.
    If we could keep the spotlight on him instead of JaBustus we might not be the laughing stock of the league.

  6. boltssuknutz says:

    notice vincent jackson wasn’t a WR he mentioned. that guy is classless!!! after he fumbled the ball..or spiked it w/out being tackled he said “GOD IS GOOD!!”

  7. The Kraken says:

    Class Act for sure !!

  8. JAWS 3D says:

    21 you should never have signed that 3 year deal, you poor bastard, are a decent player, a decent person, the rest of your team are quitters, your owner is, well, nevermind, but please as ksaid owner to extend Russells contract!!!…we love him starting every game,..for the next 10 years!!!!…lmao

  9. VideoVampire says:

    He is a class act, the best DB in the league and I believe he will go to the Hall of Fame as well as be remembered as one of the greatest Raiders to ever play the game.

  10. King Raider says:

    Its too bad he doesnt get to win a lot of games. He could be the Derek Jeter of football.

  11. 1nation says:

    I have to give all the credit in the world to Nnamdi alot of players would have left the Raiders and he stayed he even came into camp last year when he didnt have to. Guy is a A-1 class act thats why we never hear much about him cause BSPN and everyone else only wants to focus on the bad that is going on in Raider Nation. And props to big Al for seeing his potential to play cornerback. Let’s hope we can run the ball on the Texans this Sunday.

  12. raiderkid76 says:

    Nnamdi definitly my favorite player on the d. I hope he never leaves.

  13. oaktownraiders says:

    Yea somebody on here the other day was talking about how it took Gannon 12 as a journeyman to become a good QB with the Raiders so we should have pateince with JRuss….hahaha…that guy must love losing and want more of it. I mean how many of us want to wait 10-12 years for JRuss to get good and keep losing?? No team waits for years and years for any QB to get good that is why they become “journeyman” in the first place. Then Al Davis takes DHB number 7 overall with the state of our offensive line being mediocre at best when plenty of talent was there. If a team has a awesome O-line and average everything else they still have a chance of winning games behing them. But lousy offensive line means lousy offensive no matter what.

  14. 1nation says:

    I just can’t help thinking of how many more games Al is going to let the JR experiment go before he benches his ass. It can’t be much more and if he waits to long then what’s the point if we are out of playoff contention.

  15. parlayjay says:

    Feel bad for a good guy like Nnamdi to be stuck here. I kno he re-signed, but he woulda been crazy to turn down that money. It would be great to watch these two go at it all game, but I’m sure the Raiders will leave Nnamdi on one side, while Andre moves all around the field, till he finds Routt or a LB and beats them all game with no adjustments. FUN

  16. raiderlization says:

    I will buy a 21 jersey!This is one of the few bright spots on this team!Go Raiders!

  17. runraiderrun says:

    alphonso boone signed with SD.Rankin signed with Seattle.John David Booty-QB is out there,he went to USC,so he must have something to offer.McCauley-CB from Fresno State is a decent man to man guy,he’s a free agent.the motor from Iowa-Mitch King(DE/OLB) is a free agent.there is a bunch of free agents available that can help us.i think we have 1 roster spot open and 1 practice squad spot open,and that includes the J.Miller signing!

  18. raiderboom says:

    Booty was not good with Minnesota, but something tells me he’d pick up the offense just a touch quicker than JaBustus.

    To heck with picking up a QB, just give Gradkowski one quarter of one game.

  19. meegwell says:

    If Shamu can start throwing w/ accuracy:

    Obviously we get more yards/points from improved passing game.
    Improves running game since teams will have to actually consider we might throw with sucess rather than just focusing on our run.
    Helps defense since they are not always on the field.
    Helps in come from behinds because you cant manage the clock with no pass game.

    It all hinges on Shamu.

  20. boltssuknutz says:

    meegwell you mean Shitmu? please don’t shame the whale like that! LOL jess give gradowski a chance! hell in preseason his “RHYTHM” (as cable describes with probowlers Jbust and watkins and DHB) looked 100 times better than mamu! and PLEASE!!!! shave that F’n mowhawk! you act like a clown no reason to look like one too!

  21. ImmaRaida says:

    What is wit u assholes bashing ur own team after only three games!!!! PATIENCE…PATIENCE…..PATIENCE!!!!!

  22. goldenstateOG says:

    What I wanna know is how are his injuries progressing or how they are affecting him in games… rather than what he thinks of AJ.

  23. Diablo says:

    If we had about twenty more guys like #21 then we would be a top ten team without a doubt. He’s the only guy out there consistently earning his money besides Seymour. Must be Hell to be him in that locker room after all these years of losing.

  24. PianoMan says:


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