By Paul Wexler Staff Writer

CLEVELAND — Yellow was the color of the day.  Numerous penalties were called against the Raiders in their game against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, though only 13 were accepted. Along the way, cornerback Stanford Routt and tight end Tony Stewart were ejected for flagrant fouls.

“The intensity was all directed toward us,” defensive lineman Richard Seymour said of the rash of penalties. “Maybe the Raider mystique. I think they were all directed toward us. You never want to go into the game prejudged what you’re going to do, and we felt that is the way the game happened.”

The offense was able to move the ball but three interceptions kept the Raiders from scoring touchdowns against a subpar Browns defense. Raiders quarterback Charlie Frye finished with 333 yards passing, but he certainly would have traded all those yards for more points in a game the Raiders lost 23-9.

“We were moving the ball a lot, in the second half especially, but just could not finish it,” Frye said afterward. “Cleveland did a good job of, when it came down to crunch time they made the plays and we didn’t.  The one Eric (Wright) had, we tried to hurry up and run a quick play, and he did a good job of snookering me. I could have swore he was blitzing, and he turned it around at the last second and got it.  (Brandon McDonald) got one in the red zone too. I just underthrew it, by a foot … and that makes a big difference in this league.  A foot short means an int(erception), so that the way it is.”

Tight end Zach Miller returned to play after missing a week due to the symptoms from a second concussion. He picked up right where he left off, catching nine balls for 110 yards. Every team knows the Raiders quarterbacks are going to throw the ball to Miller and yet, week in and week out, Miller seems to lead the team in receptions. 

This season, he has 59 receptions for 767 yards. He likely lost the opportunity for a 1,000-yard season when he missed the Denver game.

“You’ve got to score touchdowns,” Miller said. “Three field goals isn’t going to cut it. Those got to be touchdowns and then when we’re down there, we get so many chances to get back in it and we just don’t do it. We don’t convert down there.”

Once the Browns got the lead, they were able to run the ball with new-found toy Jerome Harrison.  He burst onto the scene with a 286-yard, three-touchdown performance against the Kansas City Chiefs one week ago. This week he added 148 yards on a franchise-record 39 carries.

“I think that he’s someone that’s continued to improve throughout this season,” Browns coach Eric Mangini said. “He and I talked about what I was looking for from him at practice, what I was looking for from him in pass protection and those things are really important. I’ve seen him improve in those areas and I think it’s been reflected in the way that he’s played throughout his opportunity to  be the featured back.”

Right before the half ended, kicker Sebastian Janikowski kicked the longest field goal in franchise history. Janikowski nailed the ball and watched as it sailed through the uprights from 61 yards.

“Yeah, I’ m pretty proud; I think that’s one of the best kicks I’ve ever had, you know,” Janikowski said of the kick. “I mean, I know that 57-yarder against the Jets was big but in these conditions – snow and the wind here – so, I’m proud of it.”

The field goal is the third-longest in the NFL but it wasn’t enough to spark the Raiders in the second half.

“The little things like that make a difference, somewhere down the line,” Raiders coach Tom Cable said. “At the end of the day , you are disappointed because you lost the game.  It was a really good thing for him and the team  - and I thought it gave us a little spark.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to maintain it and put the ball in the end zone.  We had a lot of chances.”

The officiating left the Oakland players shaking their heads in disbelief.

“I think we did it ourselves,” defensive end Greg Ellis said about the onslaught of flags. “And when we do it to ourselves, the ref looks like, ‘You know what? We’re fed up with these guys, any questionable call.’ Zach Miller, that’s not Zach. Tony Stewart, that’s not what he’s about. When you get guys like that ejected and flags thrown on them, that usually would probably have gotten a warning. But because of what happened earlier in the game, those things will get guys ejected from the football game.”

Of course no one has seen as much as cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

“I’ve seen some very, we’ve seen some interesting calls,”  Asomugha said.  “In ’06, that was the Vincent Jackson spin. You could probably pull three every year. But, at the same time, some of those we can control, the unnecessary roughness. Now, there were a couple unnecessary roughness personal fouls that you kind of scratch your head (Stewart and Miller?). Yeah, exactly, and then with Stan getting kicked out of the game, I still don’t know what happened there. But you come to the point where you feel like there are going to be calls that we get that others might not get. It’s just a feeling. Our facts kind of stand behind it. But, going back to what you said, I was thinking about it as I was talking, the identity thing for us. That’s our Achilles’ heel right now is not being able to figure out who we want to be, if we want to be contenders. Championship teams, you know who they are. It’s a great defensive team, great offensive team, or something like that, or their special teams is great. But when you come into every game and it’s like you’re playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, you don’t know which team do you want to show up, you’re not going to be a contender. That’s our biggest thing right now. We can’t put back-to-back wins together. We play the Redskins after whoever it was that we beat (Pittsburgh). If you beat Pitt, then you get the Redskins. Who did we just beat? (Denver). Denver! If that’s not a little confusing, I don’t know what is.”

The Raiders have to regroup and play their final game at home against the Baltimore Ravens next Sunday.  It is yet another chance to start a streak of one in a row against a playoff-caliber team.

“We have a big, big ball game next week,” middle linebacker Kirk Morrison said.  “I am looking forward to playing against someone that I have admired in this league for a long period of time (Ray Lewis). So, for me, it is big stage and a big game next week. You want to go out there and prove you belong.”


  1. lgmasonry says:

    That was humiliating… How is it that we can beat some of the best teams in the league, and then completely fall apart against some of the worst??????? Its like were stuck in some sick twighlight zone episode this season. All I can say is I hope Grad gets healthy and is named starter next year, and we draft a good qb, and let him learn the game behind grad for a year or 2 before throwing him in.

  2. OaklandRaider says:


  3. webber says:

    i just got home from the raiders game in cleveland i live 4 hrs south of cleveland that was the worst officiated game i have ever witnessed really guys we cant beat a team and refs its not going to happen just a total travisty to see that should never happen in this league period im out

  4. webber says:

    and that fat tub of lard would not sign my jersey fk jabustus. bruce the real qb signed my jersey and it made my day

  5. Pizza Man says:

    It’s all on Tom Cable. Bad game planning. Bad play calling. No discipline by his players whatsoever. The O-Line, his supposed specialty, gets called for penalty after penalty after penalty. Lack of discipline there. Then, the entire team melts down reflecting further lack of fundamental discipline. How do players lack respect for officials as professionals? To have two of them ejected in one game is mind boggling. Where the heck were the running plays, Cable? Did you go into this game planning on winning it on the arm of Frye? This head coach is an absolute moron. Can’t wait til they get rid of his worthless ass so we can see what kind of team we have.

  6. raidersb1965 says:

    I agree the play calling was horrible. If Bush would have gotten 20-25 carries we would have won. Red Zone play calling was horrible and we miss Justin inside the 5!

  7. D-Raiders says:

    webber. i hear you. im so sick of refs, raiders get two or three games reffed that way per year im sick of it. the league cheats and i bet refs are paid off just like nba refs a few yrs ago.

    must signs
    mike vic
    gradcowkseeeeeeeeeeeee 3rd string

    instant team ug

  8. tooz56 says:

    At least they found out Frye ain’t the guy. 3rd QB, sure, but no way a starter. I would have really liked to see what Bruce could have done if he didn’t get hurt. Dmac is an OUTSIDE RUNNER !!!!!! Use him as such, jeez it’s frustrating to watch him run into the damn pile, he isn’t a patient inside runner.

  9. oaktownraiders says:

    Charlie Frye threw some interceptions and did his part to blow the game but still was far better than JaMarcus Russell, I mean how many times has JaWalrus thrown for over 300 yards in a game? Maybe if JaWalrus hadnt been sitting on the bench the Raiders would have played better and won this game :)

  10. raiderdf says:

    “the intensity was all directed toward us. Maybe the raider mystic”

    Hey Richard, it must tuck being on this side of it.

  11. SilverNBlack87 says:

    Cable’s play calling has to be questioned, we were on the 2 yardline and called four straight passing plays. Were a better running team then passing right???? Then why didnt we run. WTF

  12. FloRaider says:

    SilverNBlack87 you stole my thought exactly ! They didn’t even line up with a running back in the back field ! Against the worst run defense in the league. Absolutely horrible play calling.

  13. tooz56 says:

    I agree, Frye is 10 times better then jaMarcus, but proved that he is not an NFL starting QB. 1st and goal at the 2, and 4 passes ??? WTF !??

  14. berniemarez says:

    Cable is a mediocre coach at best and the results prove it. I’ve been a Raider for my entire life and the current roster seem to be OK with loosing 10 games a year. These guys are pros and they need to act like pros. Every week it’s one excuse after another. We can’t win cause of this…we can’t win cause of that…Coach Davis needs to fire cable and the entire coaching staff and start over. It use to be fun watching the Raiders, now it’s just one disappointment after another. I think the Raider nation deserves better. Five wins will never be acceptable, and a coach with five wins needs to be fired!!!! Period.

  15. oldschoolraider says:

    Completely disturbed the way we played. We seem to gain no momentum after wins, to build on. The refs,as usual overreacted to us-Zach lets the ball dribble out of his hands and it’s taunting? Never see Offensive PI, unless of course it’s us, replay showed complete separation- no touching! Did not see Routts- no replay, but Seymour lost his cool, just after offsetting penalties- dumb! Frye actually did ok, given his 3rd string status up to now. 2 good D plays by them, one bad pass by Frye- but tons better than you know who. Why did we give up on Bush again? 5.0 yard average, and we only give him 10-11 carries? Why are we continually running DMC up the middle? We need a new play caller and GM for the new year, and a healthy Grad.

  16. boltssuknutz says:

    GET RID OF CORNELL GREEN!!!! about to score in the second quarter and AGAIN holding drove us back…..and WTF!!! mccfadden get’s HUGE gains on the outside…so…what does cable do? abandon that and run him up the middle AGAIN! and HIGGINS! “darius-heyward higgins” enough said

  17. boltssuknutz says:

    you said it oldschool! seymour is officially now a RAIDER! LOL

  18. oldschoolraider says:

    Forgot to give props to Special Teams. Good job shutting down Cribbs- even if Lechler sacrificed his possible record by directional and hang time instead of distance. Jano should merit Pro Bowl because of accuracy and distance, but will not because we did not give him enough chances. Coverage was good, minus one play, but the return game needs Miller for both KO and PR, another Russell is not getting the job done- too tentative and slow and JLH is not himself, last years returns are only a memory.

  19. raiderpapi says:

    Our offense, week in and week out, has to play against 11 defensive players, a false start, holding machine in RT Green, our center’s are too small and can’t hold their ground and we have a head coach that is a terrible play caller.
    Changes must be made.

  20. famers says:

    We threw tha ball 45 times to runnin tha ball 19… 19 times u gotta be kidding me, when did we become a pass happy team.? We wont win like this we had 4 chances next to the goaline and we passed it 4 times against 1 of tha worst rush defenses in the NFL that dont makes sense . I kno we didnt have a real fullback but we still shouldve run that ball no excuses. THey just had over 200 yards rushin against tha broncos D and they are way better than the sorry ass browns.. I like coach cable but sometimes but he does some dumb things that puts us in these postions to lose games.. There need to be a more than few changes or else were gonna keep losing…… RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. edgarmano says:

    RAIDER PEE PEE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!….about the 11 players.

  22. raidertg says:

    As normal on this site all the so called fans come out to trash everyone on the team. Plus way are you all still ahting on Russell. In my mind they should have played him. Fry looked like crap. He was all over the place and gave away three int that were gifts to the other team. Last week Russell won us that game and they bench him again. Just does not make since. Whethre you like it or not Russell we be here a few more years at least. Why not let him play after a big come back win like that and see what he can do.

    But I will agree that the play calling was $hit I have been saying all year it has been hurting us but 4 passing plays when we at at the 2. Pitch the F-ing ball to McFadden on the out side and let him earn it. Plus while we are at it. STOP running him up the middle that is not his game get him to the out side and let him change the game for us!!

  23. jsoz says:

    What a pathetic performance. Who cares if we throw for 500 yards, a loss is a loss. Our offensive line sucks, other qb’s in the league have time to sit in the pocket. No excuses for Frye, he is a backup for a reason. I agree Mcfadden is not an inside the tackles back, run him on the edge then maybe he can learn to break a tackle.

    If Gruden really wants to come back, give him the keys and step aside Al you friggin geezer. Our poor talent evaluation has bit us in the ass. DHB is a joke, Mitchell looks totally lost on the field.

    I bleed silver and black and am tired of getting so friggin frustrated every week. Al wake up and smell the pigskin, you are a dinosaur and have no clue.

    I like Cable, as an o-line coach not a head coach.

    Dial 911 and get us some help!!!!!!!!

  24. jsoz says:

    raidertg how can you defend Jbust??????

  25. D-Raiders says:

    mitchell i actually like. hes barely played this yr but i seen him lay some pops on guys. and pressure qb a few. next year he will shine hopefully

    guys that need to go

    sanford routt
    sam williams
    javon walker if your not gomnna play him - man they should a gave him some time to play, that must be al punishing him for terrible season last year

    what i dont get is why they kept that undrafted wr miller aka kickoff returner on roster all year and not bring in someone else.

  26. jsoz says:

    The Javon Walker thing tells you Al is clueless, pay a guy big bucks to have the best seat in the house. Walker is not hurt if you saw him chest bump with Schilens after the TD in the Denver game.

    A fullback as a kick returner, pretty pathetic. Let’s keep the faith and hope for a GM and sorry Cable guy, an NFL caliber coach.

  27. raidertg says:

    It is not about defending him. I’m just tired of everyone blaming him. The man came in and won the game for us and he is repaid by being pench again. He has not been great but it is only his second year planing and we we starting 2 rookie recievers for him to throw to. Lets be honest with each other he is not going anywhere so way not thank him for the win and see if he gets going.

  28. raiderlization1 says:

    I guess some of you have never played football in those type of conditions. it doesn’t take alot to get frustrated. the bread and butter of this team has been D and you take that away buy allowing dirty play and when the punches flew it should have been offsetting and coaches get your players to each side line and play some professioonal football! but no it’s coach we threw your player because we didn’t have control of the game! Oh well! Forget the Ref’s and the NFL too! It’s alwasy difficult to watch your team lose, but it’s more difficult to see the ref’s take advantage of home field and not control the game once it gets out of hand it’s on the Ref’s they are paid to control it! But oh no blame it on the teams and players. if the police show up and don’t take charge then what kind of world do we live in?

  29. 1nation says:

    It’s hard to believe that J Russ would have done any worse than Frye did at the end of the game. But i just can’t say bring him in and le thim play. Who knows maybe Russell would have done a little better than Frye. But odds are he would have done worse

  30. Racinraider says:

    Why has no one pointed out that the D-Coordinator for Cleveland is the same one the Raiders had. Mr. Ryan had the offense crying on every play that the Raiders were cheating. The officials bit on it and all hell broke loose! If the Raiders (D) is cheating they learned it from Ryan.

  31. jasondw says:

    You must be near me webber. I live in Cincy and was at the game too. what a horrible game to be at. Just sad! with having 2 players ejected, 13 penalties and Frye forgetting which team he was playing for. I think he was having flashbacks and thought he was supposed to be throwing the ball to the browns players. Forgot what jersey he was wearing!

    Congrats to Janikowski on the 61 yard FG though!

  32. RetireAl says:

    Cable’s play calling has to be questioned

    Cable would F-up a call to Dominos.


    The Refs? Yeah, they are the real reason the Raiders suck.

    Retire Al. You couldn’t pour piss from a boot without instructions you crazy-ass bastard lunatic.

    JaMarcus and DHB? Really. A fat, lazy, stupid, dumb-ass and a receiver that caught 21, TWENTY ONE passes at Maryland. MARYLAND. F N MARYLAND. Of yeah, THAT is a power-house team in a fierce league.

    What’s that? One of our starting Linebackers didn’t even play the position in College? Great. No seriously, this is all cool.

    Did I read Nnamdi right? Did he really say the Raiders play at Championship quality sometimes? If that is true, he aint talking about the NFL.

    REtire Al. AS long as you are up in the Owner’s Box, The Raiders will be at or near the bottom of the NFL. EVERYBODY knows it.

    Who the hell are you planning to pick in next year’s draft? Some guy who runs REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY FAST in shorts and a Tee Shirt?

  33. RetireAl says:

    The Oakland Raiders have to be the only team in NFL history to have a Kick-Off Returner who is slow AND has a pot belly.

    Have ANOTHER donut, you pot-bellied prick.

  34. RetireAl says:

    questionable officiating, gap-control,plays left out on the field, poor-tackling, red zone problems, questionable calls, dropped passes, poor-footing, too cold, too hot, rain, sun got in my eys, I had leg cramps, someone put Ice/Heat on my jock…

    The excuses are never-ending for a team that has the record it deserves.

    The Raiders do NOT have much talent. LOOK at our Kick-Off return man, Gary Russell. He has a F N POT BELLY. THat IS the best The Raiders can do.

    Face it.

    Unless Lord Al is forced-out, this is the crap sammich he is gonna tell you is Grilled-to-perfection Rib Eye Steak.

    F Al Davis.


  35. Diablo says:

    I think the fact that the same games keep happening year after year and week after week prety much sums up why this team is so incredibly horrible. I’m surprised the players keep acting like they haven’t been saying the same things to the same reporters for seven years now. I would just tell the reporters, “Whatever I said seven years ago, just print that”! Poor Asomugha for having to ruin his entire career for the fact that the Raiders drafted him. No money is worth having to play for Davis. All the penalties, mistakes, bad players who think they are actually good. I see no reason to watch this team again until Davis is done or a real GM is hired and real talent is on the field who wants to win and not cash a check, period.

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