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Here is a list of the 2010 NFL Draft order, with the top 20 spots firm and the final 12 to be determined based upon how the playoffs teams fare (the 2009 record and the strength of schedule are in parentheses):



1. St. Louis Rams (1-15, .520)
2. Detroit Lions (2-14, .523)
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-13, .555)
4. Washington Redskins (4-12, .492)
5. Kansas City Chiefs (4-12, .516)
6. Seattle Seahawks (5-11, .477)
7. Cleveland Browns (5-11, .512)
8. Oakland Raiders (5-11, .527)
9. Buffalo Bills (6-10, .516)
10/11. Chicago Bears (7-9, .496)
10/11. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-9, .496)
12. Miami Dolphins (7-9, .559)
13. San Francisco 49ers (8-8, .477)
14. Denver Broncos (8-8, .527)
15. New York Giants (8-8, .535)
16/17. Tennessee Titans (8-8, .539)
16/17. Carolina Panthers (8-8, .539)
18. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7, .488)
19/20. Atlanta Falcons (9-7, .504)
19/20. Houston Texans (9-7, .504)
21. New York Jets (9-7, .516)
22. Baltimore Ravens (9-7, .523)
23. Arizona Cardinals (10-6, .445)
24. Cincinnati Bengals (10-6, .492)
25. New England Patriots (10-6, .516)
26. Green Bay Packers (11-5, .441)
27. Philadelphia Eagles (11-5, .484)
28. Dallas Cowboys (11-5, .488)
29. Minnesota Vikings (12-4, .441)
30. San Diego Chargers (13-3, .453)
31. New Orleans Saints (13-3, .426)
32. Indianapolis Colts (14-2, .473)

Coin tosses prior to the 2010 NFL Draft will break the three ties to determine which teams pick higher.
Tiebreaking Procedures

The draft tiebreakers are as follows:

1. Super Bowl Winner picks 32nd

2. Super Bowl Loser picks 31st

3. Teams are ranked in inverse order of their record. Ties count as a half win and half loss.

4. A playoff team always picks after a non-playoff team with the same regular-season record. If two playoff teams have the same regular-season record, but one was eliminated in an earlier round, that team picks first.

5. Ties are then broken using strength of schedule. The team with the weaker schedule picks ahead of the other team involved in the tiebreaker.

6. If strength of schedule isn’t enough to break a tie, and the teams are in the same division, the division playoff tiebreakers apply (except the “loser” picks higher).

7. If strength of schedule isn’t enough to break the tie, and the teams are not in the same division, but the teams are in the same conference, apply the conference playoff tiebreakers (except the “loser” picks higher).

8. If the teams remain tied, or are in different conferences, a coin toss decides the order.

45 Responses to “2010 NFL DRAFT ORDER”

  1. 3headedmonster says:

    LOL please the colts are not gonna win the super bowl they mess up almost every year

  2. raiderkid76 says:

    hey i jus hope san diego doesnt smell the super bowl as well as the cowboys and the patriots

  3. Raider Joe says:

    1. San Diego will lose their first playoff game.
    2. NE won’t make it either and Randy Moss will blow the team up in 2010.
    3.Financially, the Raiders cannot afford another top ten draft pick.Whomever it may be.Not to mention the miscalculations with Russell, Heyward-Bey and probably McFadden.But the hope that Al Davis will trade down is slim to none.

  4. RaiDeR4LiFe says:

    Anybody think Suh could fall to us realistically?…Probably not :(

  5. raiders32 says:

    Anybody have any word about Tom Cable’s position.

  6. timbrown4ever says:

    raiders 32
    The San Francisco chronicle is reporting that Al Davis was “livid” about the comments Cable made regarding Russell’s unacceptable work ethic. The players want to keep Cable, but according to Steve Corkran, Al is leaning towards firing Tom Cable.
    I hope its not true, but if it is I officially HATE Al Davis. He needs to step down. John Madden said yesterday Al knows he needs some help FINALLY. Look at us, we’re close if Cable stays and Russell goes. That’s the bottom line. Any other organization would see that, but of course Al Davis probably doesn’t.

  7. tooz56 says:

    If Al fires Cable and keeps JaMarcus as the starter, I WILL NOT buy any Raider gear or TIX until Al is gone, I will also not renew my NFL ticket since the Raiders will plain suck next season. At least with Gradkowski at QB, the excitement was back, I felt the Raiders COULD win every game he was in, I remember seeing Russell replace him when he hurt his knees and sitting here in NJ, I could feel the air go out of the stadium.
    Mr. Davis, as a LIFE LONG Raiders fan (30+ years) please give Cable at least another season to COACH the team the way he sees fit to coach. Please hire a GOOD GM to help with the draft and personal. Please get JaMarcus to train all off season, lose 20-30 pounds, LEARN how to read a defense, if he won’t, or in his case, CAN’T do what it takes to be a leader of the Oakland Raiders and make them once again GREAT, then he must go.

  8. raiderflex408 says:

    whoa… I was tripped out for a sec i thot that we got rich seymour for a 2010 first rounder , but it was 2011…

  9. destroySD says:

    trade the first rounder away for a vet! no more rookies! develpo what we have.

  10. athletics220 says:

    Trade the pick for a good offensive tackle. O Line is what we need more than anything and our unit just plain flat out sucks. Besides a few players the unit as a whole just isn’t getting it done.

  11. thoroughbred_3 says:

    1st Five Draft Picks in no particular order: OT, CB, MLB, DT, & DE

    We need a capable leader in the linebacker corp. Morrison is NOT it.
    Need a nose tackle type run stopper in the middle. Kelly?? Warren?? NOPE
    Need a pure pass rusher that can play the run as well. Please find one
    Super Mario has potential at Left Tackle, You need two!
    Chris Johnson/Stanford Routt = the two pieces of toast you need for a warm sandwich

  12. Silverdog says:

    OL, DL, and MLB are the most pressing needs. Unfortunately, McClain and Spikes are best suited as ILB’s in a 3-4. Micah Johnson is a pure stack and shed MLB, and a beast (6′2″, 255) probably available in the 3rd round (we have 2 third round picks). The first round pick is tricky because Suh and McCoy will probably be gone, and there isn’t a left tackle worthy at the 8 spot (I don’t trust that OT from Maryland - he came out of nowhere - that reaks of roids). Haden might be the smart pick even though CB is not the most pressing need. At least it would be a great value pick for a change, and it’s not like another lock down CB would hurt. There are 3 super OG’s that are 2nd round worthy. One of those would make sense. RT Calloway from Iowa would be a great addition with the other 3rd rounder. This thing isn’t gonna get fixed with one draft so they will either have to fix the OL and get DL in free agency or the other way around. I’d go with Clemson C-Thomas Austin in round four and try to get ECU DT-Jay Ross with one of the 5th round picks. We always have great ideas, then the draft comes and we are left shaking our heads. I couldn’t believe it when Eugene Monroe slipped to us, and we chose DHB! Joy and despair within 10 minutes. Oh well - Happy New Year Nation!

  13. NyoAZZ says:

    I hate Al Davis!!!!!!!!

  14. NyoAZZ says:

    ESPN just announced that Al Davis is ready to fire Cable.

    Al Davis, rot in hell and rest in piss

  15. NyoAZZ says:

    Cable will be yet another capable coach who Al Davis fired because they voice their opinion.

    Really, if anybody out their wants to coach the Raiders, leave your opinions at home.

  16. runraiderrun says:

    when JR was in the preseason games ,i thought he had “something” to offer.after the first game against SD,i thought o.k. he might be coming around.the second game proved to me that he isn’t a project and is a huge dissapointment that can/will not be an elite QB in the NFL.then by the third game,he solidified the tiny bit of hope and doubt that i had and he lost my support.so what is ALs’ problem!

  17. runraiderrun says:

    how is AL supposed to be firing Cable when they will meet in a full week from now on Monday.or do the reports mean Monday-today?

  18. runraiderrun says:

    nyo,what does that mean? if anyone wants to coach the raiders,leave your thoughts at home.

  19. ericfarrell2010 says:

    When AL himself says Cable is fired then I’ll believe it…ESPN and everyone else is reporting on the SF Gate story from the SF Chronicle, which is always pointing out some NEGATIVE news about the team whether true or not.

  20. runraiderrun says:

    this is AL DAVIS,he has all the answers.we are doomed.it’s hard being a raider fan.

  21. runraiderrun says:

    nyo,AL DAVIS works with his coaches,he calls them and tells them he doesn’t feel like the situation is the right time to do this or that.he communicates.

  22. slvrnblk21 says:

    how much more do we as fans, (loyal fans) have to endure al’s ego. i admit my respect for what he has done in the past and for football as a whole, but at one point you would think he would realize the mess he has led this illustrious franchise into. come on you veteran players, you must see it too. pluckett, otto, brown…..guy’s say something. if he won’t listen too us, (huge billboard) he may listen too you. madden, do you really love the raiders? then do us all a favor and help him select a gm. a position YOU would be perfect for, but for some reason you shy away from. we need your talent and wisdom, and to with hold it makes me question how much you love this orginization. nobody is questioning al’s desire to win, but the ship has passed him by and he is the anchor that is dragging the raider nation down. we’ve tried to get his attention everyway we know how (empty seats, billboards ect.) but he just turns up his nose at us, the fans. i’m sorry, 7 years of disappointment is getting old. i hope we can hang on to quality players we have because i know there heart is in it, and so is cables. we just need a few players at key possitions to make us into the team we know we can be. i hope the off season is fruitful, and players like seymour stays. GO RAIDER NATION

  23. runraiderrun says:

    that is the reason why i don’t understand John Madden and his popularity.just imagine hiring a nobody like John Madden in what year,1974,or whatever year it was.do you think Madden really coached or controlled that team.i don’t.

  24. NyoAZZ says:

    In one of the bay area newspapers it wrote that Al Davis was livid for Cable’s comments regarding Russell.

    Cable’s comments/opinions are going to get him fired just like Kiffin.

  25. NyoAZZ says:

    Al Davis probably talks to Cable once a week. Not everything that comes out of Cable’s mouth has been filtered by Al Davis.

  26. slvrnblk21 says:

    Nyo……do you think any other coach out there would be able to deal with al?

  27. NyoAZZ says:

    Sure, but will they be worth a damn, probably not.

  28. slvrnblk21 says:

    i agree. thats why i think cable is the best choice. he loves the raiders and he loves the players. and for some reason, gets along with al. as far as we know.

  29. jennings304 says:

    alot of mocks have us taking derrick morgan DE from Georgia tech i would not mind that if we were to resign seymour and put him in the middle.. i would like to get rid of morrison and find a true ILB but who knows how anything will fall out.. russel will probaly be the starter in 2010 with mike leach as head coach hahah

  30. SR Raider says:

    The Raiders have the 31st-best record in the NFL over the past seven years at 29-83, one game better than the Detroit Lions.

    At least they finally got out of last place! This is so ugly.

  31. rodeosnake12 says:

    but they still hold 1st place for 7 straight 11 loss seasons!

  32. massillonraider says:

    i got a funny feeling our coach next year will be leach or fassell!

  33. radrntn says:

    As much as J russ sucks, the o-line sucks even worse. with the # 8 pick we need to draft OT…be it Okung, Davis or Edwards.The only other accptable picks here are a QB if we are indeed going to dump J-russ, which I think would be a huge mistake. (Dump Cable instead) or possibly McClain from Alabama.

    In the second round we take either G Mike Iupati or DT’s Terrance Cody or Dan Williams.

    We should have 3 3rd rounders, and I am going to stay with the O-line, and stay with some great value picks here… The Pouncey twins out of Florida, C’s Matt Tennant or Eric Olsen, and gotta love Brandon Carter out of Texas Tech who would fit right in with the raiders…..

    all I am saying is this decade saince 2000 we have drafted only a total of 7 o-lineman. 5 of those drafted started this year for us, while grove and mcQuistan went elsewhere. We need depth, and some young guys that can play, and not get pushed around.

  34. thoroughbred_3 says:

    here’s what i think:
    1st rd: MLB Rolando McClain, I think he suits a 3-4 but is gifted player and can play the run very well and is also a great leader.

    2nd rd: OT would be a great pick. Would love to see Trent Williams slip to the second round bc i see him as a perfect Right Tackle.

    3rd rd(A): DE George Selvie, he can flat out rush the passer. Not too stout against the run but a beast off the edge.

    3rd rd(B): CB Perrish Cox, An excellent corner/return man from OK St. that has had his share of issues off the field. He could possibly be the shut down corner that we need opposite Asomugha.

    4th rd: DT Abe Karoma, A big tackle who could be a force in the middle.

    5th rd: OG would be nice to groom one behind Carlise and Gallery for a year.

    Does anyone know where OL Brandon Carter from Texas Tech is projected???

  35. YARD_ARM says:

    if and i say if bradford/clausen fall to us do we take him?

  36. Silverdog says:

    Bradford or Clausen would be interesting but Davis gets scared off of positions that recently don’t work out - uhh JR. I would like to see the infrastructure of the team, meaning the trenches addressed and go with Grad for next year. We all know that decent QB play for now would get us to .500, and better play along the lines would make us winners. We have to stop the run and get tougher on both sides of the LOS. I hate the ZBS, and would much prefer the more physical man blocking approach, and that would be the only benefit of losing Cable. This team needs its tough identity back, and that means getting some big uglies up front. That is the quickest way back to respectability. Everyone knows that but Davis.

  37. rodeosnake12 says:

    it will be a long while before Al goes with another 1st round QB, if history tells us anything. russell was only the 4th 1st round Qb Al has ever taken, and they have all failed thus far. Im with SILVERDOG on the ZBS. it hasnt worked for us the past 3 years so go back to a power run scheme. that gives us Langston back at tackle, where he had 2 great starting years with buff. and can take another in the draft since henderson struggled all year. everyone knows that you cant be a great qb or rb with a shitty oline, aron rodgers has been an exception and bruce proved what he can do with poor line play. beef it up first and then go to the otherside of the ball, dt,mlb(morrison would really be much better behind a stouter Dline, cb, etc…

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