By Paul Wexler Staff Writer

The agent for cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha and managing general partner Al Davis hammered out a multi-year deal that guarantees Asomugha $28.5 million and the Raiders of retaining the services of the league’s top cornerback for the next few years. reported first that talks intensified Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis between agent Tom Condon and the Raiders and lasted into the night without a resolution. Davis assumed the reins Thursday morning and made sure that Asomugha wouldn’t hit free agency Feb. 27.

The Raiders had until 1 p.m. PDT Thursday to complete a deal with Asomugha, or else they would have needed to slap the franchise tag on Asomugha as a means of protecting themselves from losing him without compensation in free agency. That no longer is a concern. The three-year contract has been signed and forwarded to the league office for approval.

Many consider Asomugha the league’s top cornerback. However, there is no disputing the fact that he now is the league’s highest-paid cornerback and the highest-piad defensive back in NFL history. The potential total value is $45.3 million if it holds up for three years as structured.

The the two sides arrived at the $28.5 million guaranteed figure by figuring out what Asomugha would have received as the franchise-tag player for 2009 and 2010 — he would have received a 44 percent raise from the 2009 figure of $11.718 million. The Raiders hold an option for the third year.

Davis wanted to make sure that Asomugha’s tenure with the Raiders lasts beyond this season, which was all the franchise tag would have guaranteed.

Asomugha earned $9.765 million as the team’s exclusive franchise tag player in 2008. He was slated to earn at least $11.718 million — he would be guaranteed at least 120 percent of his 2008 salary — if the Raiders placed the franchise tag on him for a second straight season.

When Davis gets involved in contract negotiations it usually is a sign that he doesn’t want that player to slip away and he intends to get what he wants, at any cost. Such was the case Thursday.

Asomugha has spent his entire six-year NFL career with the Raiders. He earned All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors for his stellar play in 2008 and is considered one of the best, if not the best, cornerbacks in the league.

He was critical of the Raiders late in the season after a blowout loss against the San Diego Chargers on a nationally televised game. He said he wasn’t sure if his teammates cared enough about winning and that he wanted some signs that things would change. Davis and Cable assured Asomugha that things are headed in the right direction, and that was enough to compel Asomugha to sign a deal.


  1. parlayjay says:

    Man….if they could sign Nnamdi after just reaching a agreement with Sahne…Great day for the Raiders and a great start to the offseason

  2. Raider Nation 951 says:

    That would be great! Not holding my breath though. IF Condon can get the deal done Aso did the right thing by switching agents.

  3. Just Win Baby says:

    Finally!!!! The Raiders are Doing The Right Things!!!! If Al gives Tom Cable what he needs to win, Watch out Nation!!!

  4. 909RaiderLifer says:

    I’ll believe it when I read it on Jerry Mac’s page.

  5. alisgod says:

    Good job on the scoop Paul. I have a feeling Paul is aka John Herrera…lmao.

  6. raidersrule666 says:

    Great news for sure.. Let’s hope this comes to fruition..

  7. [...] for several years and off the free-agent market, two team sources said Wednesday afternoon. BREAKING NEWS: ASOMUGHA, RAIDERS CLOSE IN ON LONG-TERM CONTRACT

  8. Sonny says:

    If they get him signed looks like BIG AL will be 3 for 3. Shane, Johnson and Nnamdi. All wanting out of Oakland so bad that they do not even test the free agent market. I guess they will have to have Mayflower Van Lines re-pack up their stuff that the writers said they moved home. I love Big Al, each year he shows that many of these so called sports writers articles are based on PURE FANTASY. Well I guess that is why he is Al Davis, the best owner in the entire NFL hands down.

  9. 909RaiderLifer says:

    Hey, Staff Writer…

    I haven’t seen anyone else confirm this story. Are you throwing “pie” against the wall, just to build up some hits.

    Put a name in front of the story.

  10. Sonny says:

    Hey Raiderlifer, Read the AFC West Blog at ESPN, the writer also writers that talks between Nnamdi and the Raiders heated up big time today.

  11. mrraider says:

    This is mentioned in the ESPN article below:

  12. Beach says:

    For sure lock up Nhambdi,…and stop throwing away cash on losers.

  13. RAIDER209 says:

    I hope this is true, I didnt see us re-signing Shane and we did, this just seems too sudden for us and offer Aso21 something that he couldn’t refuse. Our only “real” win of the season: Re-signing Aso21 (if it happens). and please please please don’t bring Porter back, those boots have been filled partner.

  14. MistaMacc says:

    Aso21 is the man!!! He should have gotten the contract the Raiders offered D Hall last yr!!! But by letting Hall go, now that cash can be given to the rightful owner!!!! Aso21!!! If the Raiders get a long term deal done with Nnamdi before 4pm EST today, will they tag anyone else or not??

  15. alisgod says:

    good job Paul (or is it John H) and company. you guys deserve kudos for having the scoop first. Now improve the site so that we can have a forum on here. then you get the traffic then you get the advertising. Peace.

  16. cornelio says:


  17. realraider202 says:


  18. Tohyped24 says:

    What’s next for the Raiders now? Perhaps they should go after Vernon Carey of Miami to play RT. Either draft one of the Offensive Tackles or draft Raji to solidify the lines.

  19. OakNut says:

    Just keeps getting better. Here’s hoping Javon Walker retires, Jerry Porter gets picked up by the Shewhawks or some other crappy team like that and we can trade Fargas for a high draft pick!

  20. massillonraider says:

    i really dont know how to take this. just yesterday i was saying franchise him and trade him, but it would be hard to replace him. we used a lot of time in him, so i guess its not bad he stays. now lets cut all the dead weight we got, and get ready for the draft. best off-season by far in oaktown in a long time, good start, now lets get a good finish with the draft!

  21. 909RaiderLifer says:

    Paul/Staff Writer, I owe you a apology. Good work on breaking this story. Do you guys have some compromising photos/videos, of John Herrera or perhaps of Big Al??

  22. RaiderTay says:

    admit that I didnt agree w/ signing Namndi.

    I think he is overrated. He cant tackle and
    only playing on one side he rarely ever guarded the other teams best WR. When he did move around towards the end of the season, he started gettin ate up.

    I hope he proves me wrong. Hes a Raider now and Im going to support him. Atleast we dont need to waste a high draft pick on a CB anymore

  23. PARRACK says:


  24. PARRACK says:


  25. RAIDER209 says:

    I’m impressed with this site btw, really good news and the first to provide, kudos big time. Mr Davis, good work, cut your losses and lets bring this raider team back to its potential.

  26. alisgod says:

    909RaiderLifer says:
    February 19, 2009 at 4:15 pm
    Paul/Staff Writer, I owe you a apology. Good work on breaking this story. Do you guys have some compromising photos/videos, of John Herrera or perhaps of Big Al??
    Dude, i know for sure Paul and team is related to John Herrera in some way. They got my email from my registration with and now these guys got the scoop. There are only a few folks who would have the ACTUAL inside scoop. Herrera being one of them. But whatever, good schytt anyways. Now they need to create a better forum and better site. This site looks like it is done by someone who has a IT college project.

  27. lhxoqvzt says:



  28. DieHardRaider says:

    I love this website… you guys are doing a great job keep it up.. and right now im loving the raiders even more than i have in the past couple of years… its like their finally starting to see the light and starting to follow the lead of other teams in the league… all we need now is a great draft and a couple of hard working guys thru free agency and i think we’ll be on the right path to getting back to the promised land, not this year but maybe in the near future.. im tired of suffering for the past six years… keep it up mr.davis.. and please dont over pay people to come to oakland ,if they dont wanna come then we dont want them i dont want anyone here who is only here to cash a check…. what happened to the good old days when players were dying to play for the raiders cause of their tradition and prestige????? LETS GO RAAIIDERSSS!!!!

  29. VikingRaider says:

    I never thought this would happen. Nice job Front office. I hope this shows any potential FA’s that the Raiders are moving in the right direction.

  30. Raiderball says:

    now that AD has proven that after last years FA failures he is still willing to dig deep for PROVEN talent let’s get Haynesworth to lead our defensive front

  31. [...] Talks intensified Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis between agent Tom Condon and the Raiders and lasted into the night without a resolution. Davis assumed the reins Thursday morning and made sure that Asomugha …Continue [...]

  32. all time great says:

    Ummmm….What’s so long term about a 3yr deal. I mean am I missing something? Looking at the contract, Aso is to get 26mil over the first 2yrs and the club has an option for the third year. I the club picks up the option, they mus pay him THE AVERAGE OF THE TOP 5 QB’S IN THE LEAGUE. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that Aso is great but we’ve just paid more than what franchise CB’s get for three years.

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