Former Raiders wide receiver Jerry Porter is an unrestricted free agent for the second straight year, last year by choice, this year as a result of his poor showing with the Jacksonville Jaguars last season.
Yet, Porter still fancies himself a talented enough player to call his own shots in free agency. Well, the Raiders have news for him: Don’t expect a call from managing general partner Al Davis about a second stint.
Porter informed his agent, Joel Segal, to field offers the first week of free agency and see where they stacked up against one from one he expected from the Raiders.
At that point, Porter told Segal to work out a deal with the Raiders as long as their offer was comparable to any received from other teams.
Nice thinking, Jerry. Not happening. Several Raiders officials confirmed that coach Tom Cable and Davis spoke about the prospect of bringing back Porter and agreed that it isn’t such a good idea. Davis and Cable feel more comfortable bringing back veteran Drew Carter than they do in gambling on Porter having anything left to offer.
Porter spent his first eight NFL seasons with the Raiders. He bolted for free agency last season, hopeful of receiving a huge contract and the starring role he never received with the Raiders.
Well, he received the money, anyway. The Jaguars soon learned what the Raiders had in 2007, that Porter no longer is a productive player and that he comes with plenty of baggage.
Next up for the Raiders is reaching some kind of resolution on how to proceed with receiver Javon Walker.


  1. MistaMacc says:

    Hahahaha…. Hahahaha…. Hahahaha…. Case closed.

  2. realraider202 says:


  3. ksraider says:

    Thanks Al!

  4. BloodyHooker says:

    If nothing else it is good to see Cable working well with Al.

  5. RaiderTay says:


  6. e.gami says:

    I do believe his effort back in Oakland would be more genuine the second time, but it is nice to know that we can use any money we would have spent on him towards an impact player in FA. (you know Al wont stay quiet this year despite the failed pickups last year).

  7. Raiders_in_Tx says:

    LOl. Karma for Porter. He wanted out, and now that he was thinking of returning, we turned him down when he needs a team the most. Happy to see Cable and Al working together to make this thing work. Cable reminds me of John Madden..someone who nobody knew about and was highly critized when he first moved from LB coach to the Raiders coach. He and Al worked great. and Cable has already done the jump on the sidelines. Hopefully Cable can atleast bring back the Raiders Glory days. Yes, I know Cable is no Madden, but i feel him and Al have a similiar relationship as did John and Al.

  8. raidernut says:

    Very much looking forward how much Johnny Lee and Chaz can progress in the upcoming season.

  9. [...] Posted by shadee r8er naw i dont think so. RAIDERS TELL PORTER TO LOOK ELSEWHERE

  10. edgarmano says:

    We need a veteran reciever in the locker room and on the field.In true raider form we should be going after Marvin Harrison with a passsion right now! If you look up “team player” in the dictionary you would find this guys picture.Hey Al: GIVE RUSSELL SOMEBODY TO THROW AT THAT KNOWS HOW TO CATCH! This dude is available and could bring tons of experience and mentoring to EVERYONE on this young team.Just what the dr. ordered.
    Strike while iron’s hot.

  11. Raider Nation 951 says:

    whaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa! Poor poor Porter, have fun in the unemployment line! SCRUB!

  12. raiderlove says:

    Our young group of receivers need someone they can look up to. Not some washed up, thinks he has more talent than he really does, cancer in the lookeroom named Porter.

  13. [...] were swirling that he was knocking on Uncle Al’s door, begging for one more payday. The speculation is that Uncle Al invited Jerry in to listen to his sob story, but in the end, he stood and walked [...]

  14. JSpicoli says:

    Maybe he can play in Arena League. What a complete idiot. He pissed away a career that could have been something. How many guys get to line up with Brown and Rice so early in their career or ever?

  15. JSpicoli says:

    BTW, two words that should be in everyone’s mind in ALameda…Laverneus Coles

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